Sadness After Plastic Surgery Is Perfectly Normal. Let’s Talk About It!

Every year, multiple thousands of plastic surgery procedures are performed. Some enlarge the breasts, some reduce them. Some sculpt the body through fat reduction, some rejuvenate the face.  Regardless of which procedure is performed, plastic surgery can help a person feel more confident and satisfied with their appearance. This is what we usually talk about. What we don’t usually talk about is that in-between time when the face or body hasn’t quite reached its full improvement. In this in-between time, a person is susceptible to the post-op blues. Because this is completely normal, we think it’s worth talking about.  

What Causes The Post-Op Blues?

If you’ve scheduled a cosmetic procedure, you’ve probably been looking forward to it for a long time. You may have looked at hundreds of before and after pictures and even had dreams about your new look. Why, then, would you feel sad after your well-planned procedure? There are a few common reasons.

Some people start to feel blue during their recovery period because they are simply very fatigued from their procedure. It takes a lot for the body to heal, which drains one of their energy. Some people feel blue because they are used to taking care of others or being a mega-producer at work or in life. Being down for more than a couple of days can be hard on the over-achiever. Sometimes, the blues stem from looking bruised and feeling sore. What matters most is not why the blues happen but what to do to move through the natural emotion of sadness.

Tips To Manage The Post-Op Blues

  1. Talk with the surgeon about what to expect during recovery. How many days might bruising and swelling last? How long might you feel tired? The clearer you are about your unique process, the more prepared you can be.
  2. Based on your estimated recovery process, gather necessary supplies. We don’t mean your prescriptions, we mean extra pillows, a cozy blanket, and your favorite entertainment.
  3. Walk outside. Walking is a must after plastic surgery and, if this can take place outside, it’s that much better for body and mind. Studies show that being outdoors is a proven mood-lifter.
  4. Stay connected. Plastic surgery recovery can feel boring and sometimes lonely. The company of a loved one or trusted friend can make a significant difference in the emotional aspect of surgical recovery.

Recovery from plastic surgery is normally brief and relatively mild. Learn more in a consultation visit in our Las Vegas or Henderson office. Call (702) 684-5502.