Should You Get Blepharoplasty?

One of the reasons that the prospect of aging is concerning is that we don’t know what to expect. Even cosmetically, it is nearly impossible to predict how our skin, muscle, and connective tissue will respond to life stressors like sun exposure, smoking, and biological changes. It isn’t that a few lines and wrinkles are intolerable. What most people worry about the most is the way that aging affects appearance in ways that alter our expression. No one likes to look angry when they’re not, or fatigued when they’ve got lots of energy. These common concerns occur when the tissue around the eyes weakens, resulting in heaviness or undereye puffiness. As troubling as these problems can be, they are correctable. Blepharoplasty is an excellent option for many people.

What Is Blepharoplasty?

Blepharoplasty is eyelid surgery. The primary purpose of blepharoplasty is to improve the appearance of the eyes. Doing so often results in the entire face looking fresher and more energetic. The procedure can be performed on only the upper eyelids or only the lower eyelids. Some patients address both areas at once if the eyes have aged more dramatically. In the brief outpatient procedure, Dr. Shah carefully trims excess tissue from the eyelid to restore smoothness, contour, and the natural crease.

Is Blepharoplasty Right For You?

Blepharoplasty can correct specific concerns. The procedure may be right for you if you want to correct:

  • Undereye bags. Puffiness occurs when the skin and superficial tissue that covers the fat pads beneath the eyes lose firmness. These tissues are necessary for the fat pads to be adequately held in place, preventing a sunken appearance without protruding. Lower blepharoplasty smooths this area to reduce the line that forms at the transition of the cheek to the lower eyelid.
  • Upper eyelid heaviness. Heaviness seems to be the best word for what happens when the upper eyelids age. Until fat also deteriorates from this area, the laxity of the skin can cause the eyelids to look bulky. As fat degrades with age, the skin then sags more dramatically. This can obscure the natural crease of the upper eyelid and even take over the lash line. Trimming away excess skin restores the natural crease and contour of this part of the eye.

Eyelid surgery is popular because it is minimally-invasive and achieves lasting results. To learn more about what this procedure can do for you, call (702) 684-5502 to schedule a visit at our Henderson, NV office.