Skin Cancer: Would You Know?

Skin cancer is such a widespread topic in our arena that we can easily fall into the trap of assuming people know what they need to know about this disease. A recent interview given by former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres has reminded us that we have to stay on top of this discussion. We want to fill you in on her story.

In an interview with a Spanish publication, Torres reported that she had recently been diagnosed with skin cancer. Melanoma skin cancer. Of the three common forms of the disease, melanoma is the type of skin cancer that could lead to death. This is why.

Melanoma skin cancer starts in the melanocyte cells on some part of the body. These cells grow locally for a time, and then they start to spread. The first place that melanoma will spread is the lymph nodes that are close to the original growth on the skin. An increasing number of lymph nodes may be affected as melanoma continues without treatment. Eventually, cancer cells will enter the bloodstream. Once here, they can travel anywhere in the body. Cases have revealed melanoma in areas such as the brain and other organs, and in the eyes.

What She Didn’t Know Could Have Killed Her

In Torres’ case, her melanoma had already begun to spread by the time she obtained a skin cancer screening. At the time of her interview, she had undergone an initial biopsy and additional testing, as well as surgery to remove the growth and two nearby lymph nodes that indicated cancer. She expected further testing in the near future to confirm that cancer had not spread to other lymph nodes or organs. Had Torres not seen the doctor when she did, her cancer would continue throughout her body without her even knowing it.

Torres admitted that she was aware of a new and odd growth on the back of her knee. She didn’t rush to get the growth checked because she didn’t sense a problem. When she was told that her melanoma had spread, she stated that she had no idea this could happen. She believed skin cancer would stay in one place.

The outcome of Torres’ story seems to be a good one. She is sharing her experience, as are we, to remind people that skin cancer is a big deal. That any growth that looks even slightly out of the ordinary should be checked. Better yet, every person should undergo a formal skin cancer screening once a year.

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