The Weather Outside Is Frightful! Don’t Let It Affect Your Skin!

We sometimes look forward to the days when the sun goes down earlier and the temperatures stay below three-digits. However, in our area, those two-digit temps can get pretty low. On top of that, Las Vegas is a dry region of the United States. For that reason, it is even more important to implement strategies to prevent cold-weather skin woes. Here, we discuss how you can prevent uncomfortable and unnecessary skin issues this winter.

Rethink How You Moisturize

We imaging you think you know what’s coming next. Many of the beauty articles we read around this time of year remind us that we need to switch up our skincare. When the weather is cold, the air is drier than normal. The drier the air, the more quickly moisture evaporates off the skin. This thins the natural protective barrier that we need to prevent cracks, itching, redness, and other irritation. So, yes, we do need creams rather than lotions. We need gentler products with lower-grade acids so the skin’s natural barrier stays as intact as possible. This is only one strategy, though.

When managing winter skin, we must also address moisture in other ways. One way is to drink plenty of water. Another is to use a humidifier in the home or office, or both. These two habits counteract the speed at which moisture is depleted from the skin.

Nix The Exfoliating

The value of exfoliating is usually extolled, but that doesn’t mean it is a good thing to do throughout the year. Exfoliating may be done with abrasive facewashes, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, or using a loofa in the shower. Some acidic products also help to speed up cellular turnover. We often want this, but not when the weather and skin are both dry. At this time of year, it’s best to schedule exfoliating treatments with a professional who can address the skin’s specific needs. Our hydrafacial treatment may be an excellent pre-holiday pick-me-up.

Skin health is integral to comfort, confidence, and a slower aging process. To schedule an aesthetic treatment in our Las Vegas or Henderson office, call (702) 684-5502.