Three Reasons To Consider NeoGraft Hair Restoration Treatment

Hair loss or diffuse thinning can severely impact your self-esteem. Not every man who begins to lose his hair can take the plunge into voluntary baldness a la Vin Diesel. In fact, most men whose natural hair growth diminishes become increasingly interested in mitigating this issue with appropriate hair restoration treatment.

There are several ways in which to address hair loss, but not all of them have significant merit. Most men we speak with have an aversion to wearing a toupee and have found little success with creams, shampoos, or even pills. In such situations, a far better approach may be to harvest existing, healthy hair follicles for introduction into the problem area.

Hair transplant surgery is nothing new. This procedure has long been the gold-standard for achieving optimal, long-lasting restoration of growth. That is the entire point of the hair transplant, to get the hair to grow where it has ceased to do so. Traditionally, hair has been restored using the Follicular Unit Transplantation, or FUT method. This involves the removal of a strip of tissue from a discreet area such as the back of the head. Individual follicles are then taken from that strip. The Follicular Unit Extraction, or FUE, is also known as NeoGraft. This technique directly harvests individual follicles, eliminating the need for tissue removal.

Why More Patients Are Choosing NeoGraft

There are a few clear benefits to NegoGraft hair transplant treatment, including:

  • No linear scar. When a large strip of tissue is removed from the back of the head, there is initially a bald spot that will need to be strategically covered. As new hair grows, it may cover the scar from small incisions, but hair may grow in a new direction due to scar tissue.
  • Follicular Unit Extraction is faster and may be more comfortable. The procedure itself is less invasive, and patients are in and out of the office within a few hours. A local anesthetic numbs the nerve endings on the scalp, making grafting easily tolerable. Patients may not feel a thing.
  • Neograft treatment is affordable. This is a non-surgical treatment, which means there is no general anesthesia or other operating room expenses incurred to obtain the desired result. NeoGraft is performed in the office using local numbing medication and is assisted by our office staff as needed.

When you reclaim a full head of hair, you regain your confidence. Learn more about NeoGraft treatment in our office near Las Vegas.