Three Things You Shouldn’t Do After Breast Augmentation

The results of breast augmentation surgery can have a profound effect on the way a woman feels about her body. Whether performed to create shapeliness where there was none or to restore shape after pregnancy or weight loss, breast augmentation offers significant benefits that can last a lifetime. This is precisely why the procedure remains popular year after year, even through trends related to body type.

If you have been considering breast augmentation to obtain the curves you envision for your body, we assume you have imagined not only what your body will look like with fuller, perkier breasts, but also what recovery might be like. You may be surprised to find that breast augmentation is easier than you had imagined. This is especially so when you know what to do and what not to do. Here, we point out three critical points for a smoother breast augmentation recovery.

After Breast Augmentation, Don’t:

  • Pamper yourself with a bath. A long soak in warm, bubbly water may sound luxurious and comforting when your body is somewhat tired and achy. After breast augmentation, though, those decadent bath dates will need to wait a few weeks. If bath water, or pool water for that matter, permeates healing incisions, an infection may occur. For the smoothest recovery, it’s best to save bathing until incisions have completely healed.
  • Rush back to the gym. Many women who undergo breast augmentation surgery live a very active life that includes routine exercise. Whether your preference is yoga, dance, or weight training, you are encouraged not to rush your return to your chosen activity. After breast augmentation, it is vital that a reliable capsule form around implants. Placing stress on the pectoral muscles can inhibit this formation.
  • Charge off to Victoria’s Secret. When you’ve waited so long to have breasts that you love, you’re understandably excited about being able to wear bras you may have avoided before your surgery. You will be able to wear all the lacy numbers you want, just not too soon after your procedure. The breasts need to be well-supported while tissues are healing around implants and will appreciate the gentle bracing of a compression garment.

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