Tips For Banishing Bad Fat

Fat is bad. We have heard this from health and wellness experts for years. Abdominal fat, in particular, can cause as many health concerns as it does beauty concerns. The cosmetic consequences of abdominal fat can be lessened with a simple liposuction procedure. The team at Signature Plastic Surgery loves seeing the boost in confidence that patients receive after the full effects of surgical body contouring become apparent. At the same time, we know that results are also partially in each patient’s hands. Here, we want to point out a few tips for maintaining a healthy and attractive midsection.

Do . . .

  • Include fat in your diet. Yes, we started this blog by saying that fat is bad. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t consume certain types of fat. Healthy fats that are found in wild-caught salmon, avocados, and olives enhance metabolism by supporting proper composition of fat cells.
  • Balance cardio with strength training. Strength training doesn’t have to mean lifting weights like an Olympian. You may be surprised at how much your muscles would have to work during an hour-long yoga class. The balance between these two types of exercise maximizes fat-burning throughout the day.
  • Treat yourself to rest. Research points to the value of sleep for healthy metabolism. Every person is different, so it is important to listen to what your body (not your busy schedule) has to say about sleep. Anything less than what your body is calling for and your metabolic rate will drop, making it harder to burn fat for fuel.
  • Drink up. Water consumption is vital to body detoxification and proper liver function. Because the liver is involved with fat processing, you want to ensure to keep up on fluid intake. In addition to water, green tea with lemon has been said to promote healthy metabolism.

Don’t . . .

  • Drink too much. The primary fluid that we should be consuming on a daily basis is water. Alcohol can be particularly concerning for those wanting to maintain a healthy weight. Even the health benefits of red wine are mitigated if you drink more than one 5-ounce glass a day.
  • Skimp on breakfast. Many people actually skip this meal. Recent research indicates that a hefty morning meal is a great starting point for all-day fat burning. The effects of a good breakfast are maximized with intermittent fasting, in which all meals are consumed within a window of 8 to 10 hours.
  • Rely on crunches for a flat stomach. Abdominal tightening can be a good thing, but it is not a way to spot-reduce excess fat.We’ve all heard of celebrities who perform hundreds of crunches a day, but this really isn’t necessary, nor is it good for your back and shoulders. Balance is key in weight management.

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