Tips To Get You Through Mommy Makeover Recovery

We recently discussed the very personal and valid reasons a woman may seek a mommy makeover. When women do come into our office to consult with Dr. Shah about their cosmetic goals, they often express some degree of hesitancy related to mommy makeover recovery. We understand that the idea of multiple cosmetic surgery procedures in one day can seem like a lot. However, studies indicate that combining procedures lowers risks and recovery while maximizing results. Essentially, the investment of time and money is worth the rewards. Here, we discuss a few simple tips that can help you get through mommy makeover recovery with minimal, if any, stress.

Be Mindful Of Time

It is necessary to understand how much time you will need off work after a mommy makeover. When work involves sitting at a desk, 2 weeks is typically sufficient healing time. When work requires more physical input, 3 to 4 weeks should be taken to ensure all tasks can be performed safely. We must say here that motherhood falls into this category of a job that requires a fair amount of physical input. This means you’ll need to take 3 to 4 weeks off from household chores, pet care, carrying groceries, and chasing active children.

Healthy Habits For A Better Recovery

Physical healing is only one aspect of mommy makeover recovery. What can set a patient back is the boredom that may set in without their normal routine in place. The emotional toll of surgery can be unnecessarily high when one is not prepared to manage stress and occupy their time.

Manage stress by:

  • Finishing all pending projects at work before surgery. Make an email response and voicemail greeting that states when you will be returning to work. Resist the urge to check voicemails and emails. If possible, direct correspondence to a colleague so you do not worry that something will fall through the cracks in your absence.
  • Cook healthy meals before surgery so helpers need only reheat them.
  • Arrange for someone to walk and feed pets for one to two weeks.
  • Create a list of household chores that can be managed by a spouse, children, or loved ones.
  • Make a list of the help you will need, such as bathing, meals, and remembering to take medication. Don’t underestimate the value of just having some positive company for a few hours.
  • Have the house cleaned the day before surgery.

Staying Occupied Is Essential

There is no way to deny that a mommy makeover incurs several days of downtime. At first, you will sit and lie down more than you’re used to. This can quickly affect your mood. To combat the blues, it helps to keep the mind active. This can be achieved with books, magazines, movies, podcasts, knitting, and a variety of other activities. The important thing is to accumulate items and activities beforehand so there is no time to get bored.

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