Are you preparing for the onslaught of holiday invites you expect this year? Or for the countless hours you may pour over catalogs or ads, trying to find the perfect gifts for loved ones, coworkers, and the neighbors? Whether you shop online or roam the mall, the coming weeks will be busy. What often happens during this time of year is that we say to ourselves, “I am going to do something special so I can feel absolutely confident” at that holiday party, or for the Christmas morning pictures with family, insert your personal objective here. If you’re interested in your appearance at social and professional gatherings this season, now is the time to act.

Here’s the thing about the beauty treatments that are conveniently available today: they don’t take much time. They are also quite affordable. Here’s the other thing, though: when the shopping begins, all thoughts of self-care may go out the window. You may tell yourself that this season is about giving to others. Yes, but not that you must exclude yourself in that gift-giving! You may also tell yourself that you have plenty of time to visit a local medical spa for a quick treatment, only to realize later that the time has passed by.

Ok, we’ve made our point. Call Signature Plastic Surgery and Dermatology in Henderson to see how we can treat you to an extraordinary yet affordable treatment before your season of celebrating begins. We’re a short distance from Las Vegas so a beauty treatment won’t have to interfere with your busy schedule.

Convenient Treatments for a Holiday Pick-me-Up

There are so many ways to refresh before the holidays, it just depends on what you’d like to improve. Common options include:

  • Botox for frown lines and crow’s feet
  • Dermal fillers for creases, cheek-plumping, and lip augmentation
  • Chemical peels to brighten the skin (it only takes one and there may be no downtime)
  • Microneedling to boost softness, radiance, and general skin health
  • Hydrafacial treatment to infuse the skin with beauty-boosting nutrients
  • Ultherapy for a nonsurgical, no downtime eye lift or facelift

There is already a lot to look forward to during this time of year. However, setting aside a little Me-time (or Bestie-time!) in a medical spa only increases the joy of the season. Schedule your visit to 702.684.5502.

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