Want A More Sculpted Jawline? Let’s Talk Options!

Up until a few years ago, most people had never heard the term “submental fullness.” Historically, excess fat beneath the chin has been called a double-chin. We still call it that today much more often than using the term submental fullness. More importantly, we have ways of refining the jawline to appear less “soft” and more angular by targeting fat cells that have accumulated under the chin at the upper neck. Here, we discuss the various treatment options for a double-chin available in our office near Las Vegas.


It has only been a few years since the FDA approved injectable deoxycholic acid under the brand name of Kybella. Deoxycholic acid is a biocompatible chemical that the body produces to aid in digestion. This acid is utilized in the breakdown of dietary fat for optimal digestion. Using that understanding of deoxycholic acid, scientists tested its capabilities when directly inserted into a collection of localized fat cells. Clearly, the technique achieved good results. Today, a few sessions of Kybella can resolve just about any double chin.


The CoolSculpting device was initially developed to spot-reduce stubborn fat that couldn’t be whittle away with crunches or squats. Now, this fat-freezing technique is being put to good use beneath the chin. Our Cool Mini handpiece allows us to conveniently target fatty deposits that make a double chin prominent. After treatment, the fat inside the cells crystallizes and the body goes to work eliminating the “damaged” cells for good.

Liposuction And Neck Lift Surgery

Historically, liposuction has been the go-to for the fast and efficient resolution of unwanted fat. While there are several benefits to non-surgical double-chin treatment, neither Kybella nor CoolSculpting can meet every need. One of the limitations of non-surgical treatment is that skin does not tighten in the fat-reduction process. If tissue along the jawline and upper neck is quite lax, the best results may involve surgical fat-removal and tissue tightening.

Eliminating a double chin means giving your face a beautiful new frame. Learn more about available treatment options here or give us a call at (702) 684-5502.