Want To Know What Cosmetic Procedures Are Great For Wintertime?

During the holidays, you might imagine that easy cosmetic treatments are all the rage. They are, but there’s more to this than people wanting to look their best for those holiday parties. Lunchtime treatments are great for seasons in which multiple special occasions occur. During wintertime, though, there is also a tendency for people to jump off the beauty fence they’ve been sitting on all year, finally deciding to schedule that plastic surgery consultation they’ve been dreaming about for months. Here, we discuss what cosmetic procedures are most popular this time of year and why.

You Won’t Be Surprised

Think that people lean a particular direction during the winter months? They don’t. It’s not as if body contouring suddenly becomes more popular than facial rejuvenation when the weather changes. If anything, what we tend to see at this time of year is an increase in interest among people who are ready to make a significant change. How they want to do it typically remains in line with popular procedures throughout the year.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation, the surgical technique that improves the shape and size of the breasts, does not have an on- and off-season. This procedure is performed year-round. Breast augmentation is a fun process through which a patient is walked by experienced professionals. The surgical team consults with the patient to identify treatment goals. The patient then gets to try on various implant models to get an idea of what their new shape can be. Finally, surgery inserts the selected implants to achieve the desired look.

Facelift Surgery

Facial rejuvenation can involve several different techniques. Some may be nonsurgical, such as laser resurfacing or injectables, and some involve surgical methods. It is not necessary to postpone a facelift until jowls and turkey neck have become unbearable. Studies suggest that early intervention for facial aging can often yield the best long-term results. Facelift procedures involve small incisions and a recovery period of just a few weeks.


Fat reduction is often the ideal method of body contouring. To whittle the waist or trim the thighs or other areas, liposuction makes sense for many people. This minimally invasive procedure can even be performed under the chin to get rid of submental fullness for good. After liposuction, patients can expect mild bruising and swelling, both of which resolve significantly in about two weeks.

Undergoing plastic surgery doesn’t have to be something you announce to everyone you know. During the wintertime, a short period away from work and socializing (after all the holidays, of course) means no one has to know how you’ve refreshed, they’ll just notice the difference in you.

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