We’re All About The Trends – To A Point

Trends can be fun. At the very least, they are interesting! Most people watch them, or follow them, without putting much thought into who is driving the trends that tell us what we should be wearing and how we should be wearing it. This may be due to the fact that trends are a constant, and have been throughout many, many years.

Why would we even want to look deeper into trends? If you are considering cosmetic surgery, there is actually a very good reason. Current trends often drive a woman’s desire to change her body. Clearly, we are not against making important modifications that will improve your self-esteem. However, there is a point that needs to be made, and that is that true beauty really is timeless. Trends will come and go, but your beauty remains.

What Trends Have Told Women About Body Type

To suggest that you shouldn’t change your body to match your preferences would be downright silly of us. What we do suggest is that, if and when you do make changes, you make them based on your preferences, not on trends. Here’s why. . .

  • Just over 100 years ago, the ideal body type was one that was drawn, yes drawn, by illustrator Charles Gibson. This body type was referred to as The Gibson Girl, and her curves were nearly impossible to achieve on a real woman – though many tried, spending ungodly hours beneath a rib-crushing corset.
  • About 60 years ago, we traded in our love of the curvy figure for a stick-thin, arrow-straight frame seen on model Twiggy. This “ideal body type” remained in style to some degree through the 70s, and reappeared in the 90s.
  • In the 21stCentury, we quickly entered into the era of the Butt. Kim Kardashian’s backside supposedly “broke the internet.” People magazine initially dubbed our obsession the Year of the Butt, but it goes far beyond that at this point.

What It All Means

Body type is not something you can really alter too much, at least without affecting your authentic beauty. When you can see the years and trends stacked up against one another, what should jump out is the temporary nature of these trends. There is no ideal when it comes to body type.

What we do is help you make the most of what you have so what been seen on the outside reflects what you feel on the inside. To consult with your experienced cosmetic plastic surgeon in the Las Vegas area, call 702-684-5502.