What To Expect After Cosmetic Surgery

It doesn’t matter what kind of cosmetic surgery you’re considering; you have a lot to look forward to. Men and women who choose to change an aspect of their appearance have made an incredibly personal – and incredibly important – decision; and, believe it or not, making the decision just might be the easiest part of the whole process.

Once you have decided to do what is necessary to bring the real You into the spotlight, there may be an assumption that the uphill climb is over. That’s not really how cosmetic surgery works. In fact, years of research suggests that every person’s journey to their new Self is more like a rollercoaster. Before surgery, there are bound to be moments when the jitters kick in. This may happen right before your consultation with a plastic surgeon and even right before surgery. That’s not where emotions end, though. It is also important to understand that doubts might creep in after surgery, too.

Week One – What Did I Do?

Whether you have chosen to have a facial or a body procedure, swelling, and bruising are part and parcel of surgery. Soreness is, as well; and these side effects will be most prominent during the first week after your procedure. It is during this initial recovery stage when time is devoted to rest and healing. There is no work to keep your mind occupied, which makes it relatively easy to get the blues. What to do: prepare restful entertainment like your favorite movies or books. Write a letter to yourself before surgery listing the reason for your decision and what you look forward to the most after surgery.

Weeks Two To Twelve – Who Is That?

Swelling and bruising begin to subside quite a bit during the second and third week after surgery. This is when the initial sightings of the “new you” become apparent. As much as you have looked forward to this, you are used to the way you have always looked. Desired or not, your new appearance may come as a bit of a surprise, and your emotions may be more like confliction than elation. What to do: Recognize this as part of the process of simply getting used to the new and improved you. Know that better things are in store.

Months 3 To 6 – What A Great Decision!

Statistics reveal that, at 3 to 6 months post-op, 96% of patients who have abdominoplasty are thrilled with their new look. This same sentiment is shared by 95% of patients who have breast augmentation, as well as 90% of patients who have a facelift.

Now is a great time to learn more about that cosmetic procedure you’ve been considering. To schedule a consultation with an experienced cosmetic surgeon near Las Vegas, call 702-684-5502.