What To Know About Exercise After Breast Augmentation

Thousands of women undergo breast augmentation surgery each year. In our Henderson plastic surgery practice, we conduct consultations that enable our patients to imagine what this procedure can do for them. We also answer questions and provide the full extent of information so each person knows what to expect. One of the important areas of consideration for breast augmentation patients is their return to exercise. Here, we offer a few suggestions on how to follow up a great surgery experience with a wise reintroduction to fitness.

Resuming Physical Activities After Breast Augmentation Surgery

Recovery is a process that may take more time than you imagine. Most patients feel quite well within a week or two of their procedure. However, that does not mean they are ready to get back into the yoga studio or gym. Resuming physical activities is something that should take place over time and with great care.

  • Post-operative instructions are necessary for a smooth recovery. The guidelines provided to you by your surgeon have been developed with care. One of those guidelines is to postpone exercise until your follow-up visit. As your recovery progresses, you will be cleared to slowly integrate exercise back into your life. Remember . . . taking time for recovery is a vital aspect of a great experience.
  • There is no need to rush. You should be prepared for the fact that your body may acclimate to exercise slowly. When you resume physical activities, listen to what your body has to say about it! After all, it has been through quite a bit recently and is using extra energy to regenerate and strengthen the muscles that have been affected by incisions and the insertion of implants. Give yourself a break – literally; take at least one day off in between days of exercise to just walk or ride a bike.
  • Speaking of muscles, be kind to yours. Don’t immediately reach for the same weights you used to lift with your arms and chest. Start with a much lighter weight, and gradually increase as these healing muscles grow stronger and more flexible.
  • Don’t be alarmed if you aren’t at the level of fitness you expected. Remember, surgery is taxing on the body! Pushing to get back to your normal running pace or lifting weight could only lengthen the time your body needs to restore energy.

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