What You Can Do About Age Spots

Age spots. Liver spots. Whatever we call the points of discoloration that seem to appear with increasing regularity during midlife, we certainly can’t say we appreciate them. In essence, these spots are an indication of sun damage. Even if you wouldn’t call yourself a Sun Worshipper, chances are you have spent time outdoors throughout the years of your life. Chances are also good that at least a few of those times, you had little if any, protection in the form of an appropriate sunscreen.

When we spend time in the sun, the cells within the dermis produce melanin, the same chemical that gives us a nice golden tan. The pigment produced by melanocytes can clump together over time. We may not see spots right away. In fact, it is usually many years after the accumulation of pigment that spots make their way onto the surface of our skin.

Patients should see Dr. Shah so he can examine your sunspots. This is done to ensure they do not indicate skin cancer or precancerous lesions. In most cases, they do not. What they do present is a cosmetic concern. In our plastic surgery and med spa near Las Vegas, there are several ways we can address this problem.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are often used to gently exfoliate the skin to keep it smooth and radiant. Because this type of treatment removes a certain extent of cellular debris from the surface, it also promotes the proliferation of healthy new cells, cells that are supported by collagen and other nutrients. We offer a range of peels, from light to deep, to meet your needs and preferences.


Microneedling is not new but has recently become the “It” treatment for better skin. Performed with topical anesthetic for optimal comfort (most patients say microneedling feels similar to microdermabrasion), this treatment brings out a new influx of collagen and elastin, healing chemicals, by creating micro-channels in the uppermost layer of tissue. Microneedling treatments are effective and also gentle enough to become a normal part of your skincare routine.


Intense Pulsed Light treatments, or IPL facials, have been the go-to for estheticians and dermatologists treating patients for discoloration. These treatments use specific wavelengths of light that break apart the pigmented melanin that causes spots. Discoloration fades gradually and may be optimized by multiple treatments.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Fractional CO2 laser resurfacing can treat multiple concerns at once, from age spots to poor texture to mild laxity. Fractionated beams of light are powerful yet gentler than standard carbon dioxide laser resurfacing because only pinpoint areas are contacted by light. With intact tissue in between the multiple pinpoints, healing occurs more quickly.

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