Why The Off-Season Means Game-On For Cosmetic Treatments

It’s hard to believe that we are only a few months away from the panic that sets in before summer. The summer months are the high-season for shorts and tanks and bathing suits. That means it is the worst time to be worried about cosmetic problems like love handles or excess hair in inconvenient areas. What happens when we wait until Springtime to start thinking about how we want to look in warm-weather clothing? We lose a year. It’s so easy to say “next year I’ll start earlier.” Following through is another thing altogether. A better option is to think about those cosmetic concerns now. Here’s why.

No-Rush Planning Affects Your Experience

The very first factor involved in getting the face and body you want is to sift through the numerous choices in cosmetic surgeons. The team at Signature Plastic Surgery has been serving patients from Henderson and Las Vegas for years, and we understand that every patient has an abundance of options for plastic surgeons in our area. Therefore, we know that patients need to take their time choosing the surgeon with whom they feel the most comfortable. Having a few months to schedule a consultation and observe Before and After images of a surgeon’s work take a lot of stress out of the surgical process.

Advanced Planning Eases Scheduling Woes

Another vital aspect of cosmetic surgery planning is scheduling. Surgical procedures such as liposuction and abdominoplasty require some downtime. The sooner that we begin to look at scheduling, the more date options will be available to meet your needs. In addition to needing downtime to recover, it is also necessary to consider any special events that may occur around the surgery date, and how long it takes for swelling and bruising from surgery to decrease.

There are benefits to planning for non-surgical treatments as well. For instance, the winter months are ideal for laser hair removal due to the effects that sun exposure can have on the process.

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