Why Winter Is Tucking Season

As we go through the year, we tend to notice certain trends in plastic surgery. Of course, year by year, there are also new trends that come and go. For instance, the past few years could be described as the “era of the butt.” Trends are something to approach with great consideration. We encourage patients to move forward with the treatments they feel will give them the shape they will love for many years, not just while a current trend is hot. Also, there is value in looking at trends regarding the ideal time of year to schedule your proposed surgery.

Let’s look at abdominoplasty, also commonly known as the tummy tuck. A trend that many surgeons notice is that patients like the idea of having their tummy tucked during the winter season. This surgery may be very conservative, addressing only the lower part of the abdomen. It may also be one of the more extensive procedures around when it involves the upper and lower abdomen, as well as the navel. Regardless of the extent of your tuck, there are details that you want to know when you think of the ideal timing.

  1. At least two weeks should be taken off from work after abdominoplasty. In fact, the more your job requires you to move around, the more time you will want to take off.
  2. Just increasing the heart rate could cause unwanted swelling and a bleeding risk after this procedure, so keep it light!
  3. Once soreness subsides, the general rule of thumb is to start activity slow and light. This means that you can walk short distances on a level surface.
  4. Strength training may be resumed after about 4 to 6 weeks. However, only light weights are appropriate.
  5. The abdominal muscles will not be ready for their return to the crunch-world for about 6 months.

Many patients who schedule abdominoplasty want to know how to maintain their results for life. While exercise is beneficial, it is an aspect of fitness that will have to wait after a tummy tuck. We stay in touch with our patients to discuss approved activities, and are always happy to answer questions before or after a chosen procedure.

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