Your Breast Augmentation: Is It Time To Switch Things Up?

If you’ve had breast augmentation, you may realize now that the results your surgeon achieved don’t last forever. Some patients become unhappy with the appearance of their breasts at some point after their initial procedure. If that’s you, it may be a great time to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon about breast implant exchange.

Reasons For Revision Breast Surgery

Life changes. Situations change. There are numerous reasons a woman may seek revision breast surgery. Some of the common ones include:

  • A switch from saline to silicone. This switch may be common among younger women who received their first implants before age 22, at which they would have qualified for silicone breast implants. At the time of this transition, patients often also choose to increase or decrease the size of their implants or change the placement from over-the-muscle to under it.
  • Size change. We’ve seen this go both ways. Some women become unhappy with a larger breast size due to clothing or activity restrictions they feel relate to their breasts. Some, after they get used to their new, larger breasts, wish they had selected an even larger size to accentuate their body frame.
  • Breast implant removal. In light of recent developments in the area of breast implants, some women choose to remove their implants altogether. Some do so out of concern related to breast implant illness; some because they simply want a completely natural look. When breast implants are removed, a lift may be necessary to restore a symmetrical, perky shape.
  • Capsular contracture. After the placement of breast implants, the body naturally forms scar tissue in the pocket that holds them. Some women develop thicker, more rigid scar tissue. This is referred to as capsular contracture. Revision surgery can remove the scar tissue and, if desired, replace breast implants.

Are You A Candidate For Revision Breast Surgery?

There are many reasons for revision breast surgery, from unexpected complications to a simple change in perspective. If you haven’t been feeling completely satisfied with the appearance of your breasts, come and meet with us. Breast implant exchange may be a new path forward for you. Call (702) 684-5502 to schedule a visit to our Las Vegas or Henderson office.