Your Eyes: We’ve Got The Fixes You Need!

We naturally do quite a bit of talking with our eyes, even without trying. Subconsciously, most people know this, which is one of the reasons the signs of aging come as such an unwelcome change. We want our eyes to portray how we feel on the inside. If bags and laxity and lines overtake this part of the face, we end up looking older, more tired, and less friendly than may be true. If you are starting to worry about what your eyes are saying about you, stop. Make an appointment in our office near Las Vegas. Together, we can come up with a custom eyelid rejuvenation plan to address your concerns.

Concern #1 – Hooded Eyes

Some people naturally have heavier, more hooded upper eyelids. As aging occurs, the bulk of the upper eyes may become somewhat severe. There are two potential sources of eyelid hooding. One is that the naturally heavy lid has lost firmness and appeared to sag over the crease of the eye. Another issue that could relate to the upper eyelids is the brow line. When the brow is pulled downward, weight is exerted on the upper eyelid.

The solution: The eyelids and upper face need to be carefully assessed to develop a proper action plan to rejuvenate the eye area. Blepharoplasty may be necessary for some instances, while BOTOX injections at the brow line may work in others.

Concern #2 – Bags Under The Eyes

The skin beneath the eyes is very delicate. With biological changes and UV exposure, not to mention our occasional rubbing, this skin can become thin and loose. When it does, the fat pads beneath the surface may seem to protrude. Genetics may also play a role in under eye puffiness, so treatment may be performed on a younger adult as much as it would be an older adult.

The solution: Dermal fillers are one of the most popular methods of decreasing the appearance of under eye bags. However, blepharoplasty should not be ruled out. The surgical tightening of the skin under the eyes achieves results that last much longer than fillers.

Concern #3 – Ultra-Thin Skin

We did way that the skin around the eyes is delicate, didn’t we? With age and sun exposure, this skin thins out, sometimes so much so that it looks like crepe paper, with tiny lines and obvious looseness. The integrity of this skin can be supported with occasional laser treatments. These treatments boost collagen production for ongoing improvements in the appearance of the skin.

We’re here to help you find solutions that work for you. Call 702-684-5502 for more information on our services.