You’ve Got Your Dream Body, Now What?

It’s no secret that cosmetic procedures such as liposuction, or even CoolSculpting, are incredibly popular because they ease the burden of weight management. Neither of these treatments is designed for weight loss; the objective of each is to polish the contouring in one or more areas of the body. Once this goal has been achieved, the ultimate desire is to maintain the new shape. Unfortunately, slipping back into old eating and exercise habits is all too easy. Here, we want to prove that it can be just as easy to create new habits to support a toned, tight body.

Support Long-Term Results With:

  • Mindful eating habits. We all have heard that we need to eat healthy to keep the weight off. But what does that mean? Some will say it means refusing to even look at a crab. Some will say the plate needs a specific balance. The truth is, we are all different. Knowing this may help you prepare for your future weight maintenance even before body sculpting! Ultimately, whether you love protein or your body feels better when you eat a wide variety of vegetables and fruits along with healthy fats, your job is to pay close attention to those details so you can create a plan suited to your goals and your tastes! Signature Plastic Surgery offers a medical weight loss program that may also be a great help to you moving forward after your chosen treatment.
  • Stress management. It doesn’t matter how much you know about eating well if your primary issue is that emotions trigger poor eating habits. This is more common than people think primarily because we don’t talk much about emotional eating. This is where mindful eating habits come in. Ask yourself if you’re really hungry, and what you’re hungry for. This is a simple habit that can alert you to emotional eating brought on by stress. Learning alternate ways to feel at peace, to feel comforted, or to feel engaged, can be life-changing, putting an end to yo-yo dieting.
  • Exercise that you enjoy! So many people say “I hate working out.” In truth, most humans are naturally drawn to physical activity. The problem is, we fall into a paradigm of believing exercise needs to look a certain way. This is not true at all. If you prefer a nice long walk to that hot yoga class, do it. The only way to benefit from physical activity is to do it. Finding enjoyable activities, like a group exercise class or even dance lessons make a big difference in motivation.

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